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Everyone Is John Part Two

Everyone Is John Part 2


Game Master: Kent Blue

Players: Brent Hibbard, David Hopkins, and Austin Wilson

Led by the demons inhabiting his body, John continues his supremely weird day through the streets of Generic Town, CA. Will Elluk finally find love and marriage? How many people will Biscuits “cure”? Will Smegory ever run out of spunk? Take a listen to find out how this bizarre adventure ends. 

Brent Hibbard is a cartoonist. You can find his work on his blog. Brent is also the co-host of the podcast Let’s Talk About Stuff!

Austin Wilson is a writer. He has written the graphic novel Re·Pro·Duct from Magnetic Press and had a short story featured in Mythic Indy. You can find more information at his website

David Hopkins is a comic book letterer. David is a staff letterer for AndWorld Design and has lettered such books as Darkwing Duck, Voltron, and Star Trek. David is a co-host on the horror movie podcast Eerie, International and co-host with Austin on the comic book podcast Hideous Energy.

Brent, Austin, and David are the creators of the web comic Super Cute, a web comic about friendship.

Theme Music:"Intro by Tri-Tachyon"



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