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Everyone Is John Part One

Everyone Is John Part 1

Welcome to the podcast!


Game Master: Kent Blue

Players: Brent Hibbard, David Hopkins, and Austin Wilson

Kent lead his friends (or maybe they lead him?) through an insane adventure of Everyone is John where the players are demons inhabiting a man named John. Stay tuned for a scenario that involves a lot of spitting, marriage proposals, and other things that should be done only in private. You honestly won’t believe where this goes.

Brent Hibbard is a cartoonist. You can find his work in the monthly subscription box, Kids Prize Pack. Brent is also the co-host of the podcast Let’s Talk About Stuff!

Austin Wilson is a writer. He has written the graphic novel Re·Pro·Duct from Magnetic Press and had a short story featured in Mythic Indy. You can find more information at his website

David Hopkins is a comic book letterer. David is a staff letterer for AndWorld Design and has lettered such books as Darkwing Duck, Voltron, and Star Trek. David is a co-host on the horror movie podcast Eerie, International and co-host with Austin on the comic book podcast Hideous Energy.

Brent, Austin, and David are the creators of the web comic Super Cute, a web comic about friendship.

Theme Music:"Intro by Tri-Tachyon"



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