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Chains: Hollywood House of Horror

Roll To Play
Chains: Hollywood House of Horror

Chains: Hollywood House of Horrors

Players: Tim, Maggie, David, Diana, and Jess

Welcome to the Hollywood House of Horror! Come on inside and see what the house has in store for you. Maybe it is a room full of snakes. Or a small, tight hallway. Or a dentist's office. Whatever you fear, the house has it! Joining some unfortunate teens from a small, sleepy town as they have a night they will never much as they want to! 

This episode was a recorded playtst of Chains; the first Roll To Play roleplaying game! It is a setting agnostic tabletop roleplaying system inspired by micro RPGS like Lasers & Feelings, All Outta Bubblegum, and Doctor Magnethands. Designed by Tim Devine, Kristin Devine, and Kent Blue.

Kaci (The Tag Along): Tim

Bobbi (The Scaredy Cat): Maggie 

Lilith (the Goth): Jess

Jessica (The BFF):  Diana

Bryce (The Cool Kid): David


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Music from
"Unseen Horrors" by Kevin MacLeod (
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Opening theme by Ken Manderscheid

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