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Roll To Play Podcast is all about playing and enjoying tabletop roleplaying games. Join our Game Master, Kent Blue as we play one off scenarios from all kinds of different game systems. So if you’re ready, grab some dice and let’s Roll To Play!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. All Outta Bubblegum Part Two

    All Outta Bubblegum Part 2 Featuring: Game Master: Kent Blue Players: Shane Devon, David Goble, Kera, and Ethan This week we wrap up our game of All Outta Bubblegum! It is a crazy ride where we see the full effects of were-reindeerism, how an ornament stealing grandma meets her end, and Kenny Rogers preferred ...


  2. All Outta Bubblegum Part One

    All Outta Bubblegum Part 1 Featuring: Game Master: Kent Blue Players: Shane Devon, David Goble, Kera, and Ethan So, first thing, Kent lost his voice almost immediately after this episode. So we begin as the game starts  with no normal intro stuff.  It is Christmas Eve and everyone in town is at the ...


  3. The Bite

    The Bite Featuring: Players: Kent Blue and Shane On this episode, my good friend Shane and I play a cinematic game of The Bite by Dan Enders. Check out Shane's creative project Tinker Tone. Like the Facebook page to keep up with all the Tinker Tone going ons. If you want to see us grow, ...


  4. From Behind The Screen w/ Tim Devine

    From Behind The Screen 4 Featuring: Kent Blue and Tim Devine This week Kent has Tim Devine of Dice Up Games on to chat about his hacks of Lasers & Feelings; Wits & Chivalry and Truth & Daring. Then the two talk about what it is like being gaming dads. Finally, Kent and ...


  5. Lasers and Feelings Part Two

    Laser and Feelings Part 2 Featuring: Game Master: Kent Blue Players: Amanda Kahl, Tim Devine, Doug Shute On this episode, we conclude our game of Lasers and Feelings by John Harper at One Seven Design, a tribute game to the song of the same name by The Doubleclicks! Be sure to check that song ...